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WorkingCute™ » Products » Workbags » The Victoria Bag Red

The Victoria Bag Red

WorkingCute™  "The Victoria Bag" Rolling Work Bag with expandable trolley and integrated laptop case. You can roll or you can carry. May we suggest rolling as much as possible - save your back - they don't pay you enough! The bag features pockets to keep you at the top of your game - two side exterior pockets with an additional front compartment.  No more frantic searching for your ticket! The inside is as organized and lovely as the outside - interior organizer, cell phone and zippered pockets.  This bag makes a great personal bag for airline travel as it fits under the seat and holds everything you need to get you through any flight. Travel in style gorgeous! Size: 18x12x7


• Rolling Workbag with Expandable Trolley

• Laptop Sleeve for Notebooks 13"-17.3"

• Interior organizer with plenty of pockets

• Solid metal hardware and zippers

• Vegan Shiny Patent Leather

• Color: Red

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